Manan is the audiology partner at Specsavers Taylors Lakes and Keilor Downs in Melbourne’s north-west suburbs. A year into her partnership journey, she tells us how she and her customers are finding the audiology model.

1. A year into your Specsavers journey, how are you finding the customer response to your business?

Customers are generally appreciative of having a ‘one stop shop’ for their health needs, especially those who weren’t aware that they actually had hearing loss in the first place or were aware of their hearing difficulties but didn’t know how to do anything about it – or where to go.

Knowing that their hearing will be screened when they come for their routine sight tests gives customers satisfaction as they can compare results from their previous visit and ascertain if there have been changes. They can also monitor the health of their ears over time.

2. What have been some of the biggest highlights?

For me, the biggest highlight has been the positive response from customers towards the introduction of audiology to Specsavers. They’ve recognised it provides a more holistic approach to their health by having their hearing and sight tested in the one place.

3. What, if any, have been some key challenges you’ve faced?

Some of the challenges have come from people who are unwilling to investigate their hearing health by declining the screening. There are also some who flag with significant losses but are reluctant to book in for a free consultation. This is something we’ll continue to monitor and hopefully raise further awareness of the positive reasons to take care of your hearing health.

4. What are the most noticeable differences you’ve noticed in the past year with Specsavers compared to previous years in the industry?

Specsavers Audiology questions and challenges the status quo of how the audiology industry has been operating and is constantly striving to provide customers with the best possible diagnostic measures and latest hearing aid technology at affordable prices.

5. Why did you initially join Specsavers? Have your feelings changed a year into your journey?

I initially joined Specsavers because I found the company exhibited strong moral and ethical cultures. They also put their customers first and do not waver in the quality of services and products provided, and this has been a constant since I started!

6. What would you say to audiology professionals considering a joint venture partnership (JVP) with Specsavers?

In addition to the hard-working teams and the support system Specsavers Audiology provides for a partner, it really feels like you’ve joined a big family. The teams really share the same excitement and enthusiasm for audiology as you do.