Save the date – Specsavers Audiology heads to north QLD


The Specsavers Audiology team will travel to north Queensland next month to meet with audiology professionals.

Private and confidential 1:1 meetings will be held in Townsville on Wednesday, February 6 and Thursday, February 7 and in Cairns on Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9.

Audiology professionals interested in meeting face-to-face with the team can find out more about the model, the rollout plan for 2019, how our current partners are faring and any other questions they might have.

The Specsavers Audiology team has also released a list of locations available for audiology partners in the north Queensland region, including:

  • Cairns City
  • Earlville
  • Garbutt
  • Hyde Park
  • Smithfield
  • Thuringowa Central

Anyone interested in meeting with Specsavers Audiology is urged to book their time with the team as early as possible by emailing or calling Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519.

If you’re unable to attend, you’re welcome to call any time for more information.