The Team

Specsavers Audiology in Australia is led by a team with a wealth of experience – experienced in the Australian market; experienced in helping partners get the very best out of their Specsavers businesses; and experienced in the Specsavers UK audiology business too. Between them, the Specsavers Audiology team understands what it takes to launch a new business and support a new generation of Specsavers business-owners – Specsavers Audiology partners.

Darrel Magna: Executive Director – Audiology
Darrel has been with Specsavers for 25 years, starting off in the group head office in the UK before working in and across multiple Specsavers markets. In 2007 he joined the Aus/NZ team in Melbourne, scoping out the opportunity for Specsavers in this part of the world prior to the early 2008 retail launch of Specsavers optical business in Australia and New Zealand. As Business Development Director, Darrel has overseen the launch of more than 370 Specsavers optical businesses in the two countries.

Mike Protopsaltis: Head of Retail – Audiology
Mike’s role is to engage with audiology professionals looking to take the step into business for themselves. Having been with Specsavers in Australia/New Zealand since 2008, Mike has held a number of roles crucial to the development of our optical franchise – as Head of Professional Recruitment he played an important part in building the network; as State Director (QLD/NT), he helped partners to maximise the business opportunity before them.

Nick Taylor: Head of Professional Services and Product – Audiology
Nick has joined Specsavers Audiology in Australia after many years of successful engagement in the Specsavers UK audiology business, as Head of Professional Services UK. An audiologist himself, Nick understands what makes audiology professionals tick – and he understands why the Specsavers model keeps customers coming back. In Australia Nick is responsible for making sure our audiology partners and team members have all the professional support they need – and access to the very best products at the very best prices.

Emma Lloyd: Head of Business Development – Audiology
Emma is a seasoned Specsavers pro, having been with the Specsavers team in Australia and New Zealand since the early days, prior to retail launch in February 2008. Emma’s Business Development role is a crucial one, ensuring that each new business opens when it is supposed to open and where it is supposed to open, with all the critical elements of the business in place as well as all the documentation. Emma was headhunted from Australia to work in the Specsavers Netherlands team in 2012 – and we’ve now headhunted her back.

Ben Scales: Head of Marketing – Audiology
Ben’s role is to promote each partner’s audiology business and build the Specsavers Audiology brand within the Australian consumer marketplace. Specsavers is known the world over as a marketing-led business and Ben’s role is to continue this focus within Audiology to build awareness of our Audiology offer and convince customers that we are the smart choice for hearing care. Ben’s experience through working in healthcare positions in brand, campaign marketing, creative development and digital marketing means he can deliver integrated marketing opportunities that will help our partnerships thrive.

In addition to the dedicated senior team outlined above, the Specsavers Audiology support office and state-based teams continue to grow with a raft of marketing, PR, project management, professional support and recruitment roles now in place.